Susan Gibson, Painter

Susan Gibson has lived in Arkansas since 1995, in Jonesboro, Batesville, Heber Springs, and has now lived in Mena since 2006.  She has specialized in watercolor since 2005 and has earned her Signature with Mississippi Watercolor Society (MSWS).  She hasSusan Gibson associate memberships in the following Watercolor Societies and is close to obtaining signature in several: American Watercolor Society (AWS); National Watercolor Society (NWS); Mid-Southern Watercolor Association (MSW); Missouri Watercolor Society (MOWS); Mississippi Watercolor Society (MSWS); Southern Watercolor Society (SWS); Watercolor Art Society - Houston (WAS-H).  Her paintings have been judged and selected for major exhibitions across the country by American and National Watercolor Society Signature Members such as Don Andrews, John Salmine, Judi Coffey, Judi Betts, Eric Wiegardt, Kathleen Conover, and Cheng-Khee Chee, and has received instruction from other AWS and NWS Signatured Painters such as Frank Francese, Joseph Fettingis and Soon Warren.   

Although Susan has painted all her life, she has acquired most of her skills through independent study and private instruction in America and Europe.  It is her goal to study, grow, and mature within her profession.  Further goals include entering major publication contests, and continued submission to national and international exhibitions aimed toward accumulation of other Signatures.

When describing Susan and her art, one must use the word passionate.  Susan said, "I am inspired by all beauty around me, people, nature, and still life, and am attracted by all their complexities.  It is my most inner desire to capture the essence of an object.  To capture that "oh so illusive extra something" that will take a painting from just good to special.  I want the viewer to experience some kind of response, either emotional or physical, and to make a connection with me, the artist, my feelings and visions."  Her skilled use of clean, vivid, transparent, multilayer of glazed color, has allowed her to create a body of work that should be seen to be appreciated.

American HeroFountainCheesecake and Coffee6Don't Be Coy6Hey MyrtleSwanTea on the Veranda